Francesca began practicing yoga in 2007 to complement her Martial Arts training in capoeira and strength conditioning.

It helped her to find balance in life and stillness from being constantly on the go. She found that it also improved her athleticism, fluidity in movement and recovery. Since stress, burn out and adrenal fatigue was a common factor amongst her city clients, Fran’s fascination between stress and hormones, the nervous system and human physiology led her to undertake her yoga teacher training in 2013. Her style is a combination of yoga, mobility, movement and breath work. With her experience as an exercise coach and bodyworker, Fran applies her skills to addressing muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction created through sports, sitting at a desk. and general tension.

She has taught regularly at YogaWest London, corporate sessions and on retreats in the UK and abroad.

Who’s it for:

  • If you feel you never have quiet/down time to yourself?
  • If you sit at a desk all day?
  • If you are very stressed/ and anxious or maybe on the edge of burn out?
  • If you have recently given birth or given birth in the last few years and wish to practice yoga safely with specific exercises to restore the core?
  • If you have issues sleeping?
  • If you wish to improve your digestive system and detoxification pathways?
  • If you train regularly/ participate in a sport/ activity and wish to improve your recovery and performance?


“I have done a number of yoga classes with Fran and really enjoyed them. Fran’s style is calm and reflective. I am still a novice so it was helpful when she came round and corrected my positioning within my poses. I also participated in her muscle tension release workshop which was immensely useful as a predominantly desk bound worker to note the damage being done sitting slumped at my desk and what could be done to… Read more “Fran’s style is calm and reflective”

Stephanie Foxwell

Available one to one, small groups at home and corporate groups.

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