To perform and be at the top of your game physically and mentally, health must come first.

With the increased stresses and demands the busy executive faces today, it is fundamental to have strategies in place that optimise health and wellbeing for peak performance. You will learn manageable strategies that will enhance vitality, balance the nervous system and restore body and mind so that you have the resilience to overcome the daily stresses and pressures of a demanding lifestyle.  Ideal for the busy executive or those working in the media who are constantly on the go, travelling on planes, eating out, entertaining clients but time poor

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle & Stress Assessment & 12-week reassessment
  • Results of Assessment
  • Primal Pattern Nutrition Typing (learn how to eat in accordance with your own unique physiology)
  • Food Diaries & Dietary recommendations
  • Individualised Optimal Wellness program built in over 6-12 months
  • Includes Skype coaching for effective lifestyle management strategies such as;
    • Nutrition on the go
    • Eating out
    • Travelling
    • Energetic strategies
    • Supplement recommendations if necessary
  • Weekly 30 minute Skype coaching/ 11-hours bi-weekly
  • Travel postural & stretch programs to combat tension from flying and sitting
  • Monthly in person 2-hour neuromuscular activation for postural realignment and restoration
  • Copy of Eat, Move and Be Healthy book by Paul Chek


6 months £2970
12 months £5760

Options Available

Recommended Add-on:

A. 10 Day Transformational Cleanse (with anti-parasitic herbs)