Postural Realignment

Postural Realignment- Be Activated- Neuromuscular Activation

‘Your posture and presence is everything, how you hold yourself determines how you connect to yourself, others and the world around you.’ -Francesca Blechner

Combining Be Activated bodywork with powerful breathwork helps to release areas of stress, physical and emotional tension held in the body at a cellular level, creating shifts and allowing energy to flow. Enabling clients to access their power yet be grounded resulting in;

  • better decision making
  • More resilience to stress
  • Improved clarity
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Heightened awareness
  • Access intuition
  • Improve physical, mental and athletic performance
  • Rebooting the parasympathetic nervous system facilitating the body’s natural healing abilities


The highest of recommends. You won’t get a better treatment than this when looking for relief from injuries/strains/tension/niggles. Francesca’s approach is always specific to your body…her wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge and experience of so many forms of exercise/physical activity is very evident in the treatment. FANTASTIC.

Sam Benjamin

Fran is an AMAZING bodyworker and masseur. I both do and teach other Masseurs and so I’m mega fussy about who massages me, it’s just got to be right and when Fran arrives I simply just exhale, don’t have to say a word and she nails it EVERY TIME. She should be in everyone’s black book! If you have a body, you need Fran, regularly!

Jenny Burrell

Genuinely one of the best bodywork courses I’ve ever had; Fran has a very in-depth knowledge of all things physiological and will tailor to your specific needs. I have a sedentary office job and am looking forward to booking another course for some Muscle Activation Therapy. Very highly recommended

Simon Mousley

I’ve had three sessions so far, and would highly recommend Francesca.  She identified imbalances I wasn’t aware of within the first session, and has already eliminated a lot of them.  This has translated into my performance in the gym as well, so very happy and will continue the sessions for the forseeable future!

Luke Plaister

Fran is one of the best sports massage specialists I have come across. She brings her in depth knowledge of personal training, yoga and other holistic therapies and creates a bespoke treatment depending on what you need that day. I have suffered from lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day and hyper mobility. A treatment with Fran always sets me right again, and she offers advice on exercises and posture to help… Read more “Cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Grace Williams

Francesca is a wonderful therapist, treating me in a fabulous way I have never experienced before in my 10 years of backpain. I love her holistic approach and want to recommend her to anybody who wants to learn more about your body and about how to treat yourself!

Kathrin Eichtinger

I suffer from repeated hip and neck problems due to poor posture at work which I combine with minor injuries contracted while playing football or golf. There is not a single issue that Francesca hasn’t been able to address thanks to her wide range of techniques, her precision and her strong commitment to healing and helping her patients overcome their physical worries.

Olivier Thomas

Being a martial artist I went recommended by an osteopath. I was recovering from a disc herniation and in addition to help me in the recovery she taught me some very useful techniques for muscles activation and flexibility improvements. I totally recommend it

Juan Pablo Andres Soca

Fran is amazing; she successfully opened up my muscles and allowed my body to be much more flexible.

Chris Hartley

Fran has been expertly ironing out my running aches and pains and general posture issues, along with suggestions for muscle strengthening and mobility exercises to get me back up to speed.  Brilliant in-depth knowledge, great communication and very approachable, she’s left me feeling like new!

Mark Warner

I cannot recommend Fran highly enough. I went to her first with a hamstring and lower back injury and after a single session I felt like a new woman! She has a wealth of knowledge of various therapies and techniques and understood exactly how best to treat my specific injury. After trying a number of therapies in London, Fran is the one that I will be going back to!

kirsteen jones

Best bodywork I’ve ever had. Francesca’s understanding and perception is incredible. Could not recommend her more. Great for mind body and soul.

Katie Young

I had a painful back for years. This has really helped me sort it out. It is fantastic!

Neela Bettridge

As a fellow practitioner it is evident that Francesca has an amazing knowledge and she is always seeking to expand on it. She listens to what you want and helps you achieve it, she is also someone I would refer clients to.

Brad Johnston

Fran is a brilliant muscle activation specialist and undid years of desk posture within a few sessions. Highly recommended!

Kevin Padayachee


What is Be Activated/ Neuromuscular Activation?
How does it work?
Who's it for?
Be Activated for Stress and Anxiety


75 Minutes £110
5 x 75 Minutes @ £495

Available by appointment @

NatPath Clinic

6C Aston Road
W5 1RL

Home visits Chiswick, Ealing, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Kensington, Knightsbridge.

For Central London minimum 90 Minutes (or 2 people)

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