This package is for those seeking a total health reboot. Postural realignment improves energy efficiency. You will learn how to eat in accordance with your primal pattern and be guided with the best foods suitable for you, and where to source them from. Weekly yoga or restoration sessions to cultivate your energy and training or holistic lifestyle coaching added for a whole rounded approach in improving your wellbeing and lifestyle.

  • 5 hours x Neuromuscular Activation Techniques for postural realignment
  • Primal Pattern Nutritional Typing
  • Food Diaries and dietary recommendations and nutrition tips
  • Kitchen Cupboard clear out and list of quality trusted food resources and produce
  • Food Shopping List
  • Individualised Corrective Exercise/ Stretch Program
  • Weekly one to one yoga/ restorative session to rebalance nervous system
  • 10 hours x face to face training sessions/ Holistic Lifestyle Coaching


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