This package is ideal for those needing to reduce their stress load, where doing an exercise program may just be too overwhelming and an extra burden on the body. Ideal for stressed, time poor individuals, busy Mum’s, Businessmen/ Women, those who frequently travel, those suffering from adrenal fatigue and anyone looking to improve their health and vitality. Through completion of the comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaires (HLC), you will learn what the hormonal consequence of your diet, sleep and type of exercise you are doing is having on your body. I will coach you with down to earth simple strategies bespoke to you and your lifestyle, helping you to make healthful long term lifestyle changes.

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle and Stress Assessment
  • Results of Assessment
  • Primal Pattern NutritionTyping
  • Learn how to eat in accordance with your own unique physiology
  • Food Diaries and dietary recommendations and nutrition tips.
  • 4 hours Holistic Lifestyle Coaching/ Month
  • Learn proven techniques to cultivate your energy and life force through breathing and ‘work in’ exercises
  • Gain simple solutions to successfully make diet and lifestyle modifications


3 months £1350/ Monthly Plan £465
6 months £2610/ Monthly Plan £450
12 months £5040/ Monthly Plan £425

Options Available

Recommended Add on:

A. 10 Day Transformational Cleanse (with anti parasitic herbs)

B. 10 Day Transformational cleanse (without anti parasitic herbs)