Corrective Exercise

Whether you are recovering from an injury or recently given birth, corrective exercise will help to get your body structurally stronger and stable preventing future injuries. Specific post natal training is important to help heal the abdominal wall, pelvic floor and surrounding core muscles to enable the muscle strength and stability to carry out the everyday tasks and demands required of a new mother.

Corrective exercise is recommended with Postural Realignment for optimal results.


As an ex-professional rugby player, I have always been used to training frequently and at a high level. Following a shoulder reconstruction and having been office based with work since giving up rugby, my training has suffered. Working with Fran has helped me refocus my training priorities, given me the motivation to train hard again and give me comprehensive training programmes that have allowed me to build up my core strength and overall fitness, as… Read more “Working with Fran has helped me refocus my training priorities”

Richard Stone, Marketing Manager

This client came to see Francesca 3 months post natal after having twins by Caesarean birth. She had abdominal distension and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). The pictures are taken 14 weeks apart having worked with core stabilisation, postural realignment through corrective exercise and incorporating nourishing, healing, nutrient dense foods into her diet. Her abdominal wall healed very well and her abdominal distension gone, dropping 10cms off her waist measurement through intelligent training… Read more “3 months post natal after having twins by Caesarean birth”