Francesca is a highly passionate and intuitive coach dedicated to improving the health and well-being of others.

‘My mission is to inspire and empower others to step up into their full potential by optimising their health and vitality so that they can live a fulfilling, joy filled and purposeful life through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being’.

With 18 years in the Health and Fitness industry, beginning as a Personal Trainer, she became dissatisfied with the traditional approach to fitness focusing on just physical training for aesthetics, with little regard to the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of clients.

Francesca decided to study with the world-renowned CHEK Institute for a more holistic approach. She also traveled to India to complete her yoga teacher training, attended Wildfitness coaches training in Spain for a more natural approach to movement and human evolution. Furthermore, studying various forms of bodywork techniques, linking how emotional states show up in the physiology. Francesca has appeared on ITV news and Talk Radio London.

Currently, Francesca is undertaking her training in Transformational Breathing, known as a powerful self empowering and self healing tool. She combines her skillset of bodywork, breathing, nutrition, yoga, exercise, holistic health and healing to give her clients a multidisciplinary approach that embodies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. With her caliber of skills, Francesca is very intuitive at reading her clients and honing in on her skills to suit each individual.

Richard Osman

In just under a year of working with Fran, I couldn’t have been more delighted with the results. As a complete beginner, I was very nervous about starting an exercise regime, Fran completely understood my needs and took me under her wing. When I began, my goals seemed a distant dream. I wanted to be stronger, fitter, more flexible and healthier. Fran has helped me achieve all four of these goals with great sessions, great… Read more “I feel genuinely transformed”

Richard Osman
TV Personality
Hayley McQueen

‘I started seeing Fran to get back to a good level of fitness and health. I have a really busy schedule with work but Fran has been more than accommodating. Having Fran has given me more motivation in life in general, she is a great coach. She’s shown me the importance of a good, nutritious diet and how to fit that into a busy lifestyle. I am now more conscious of what I put into my… Read more “I feel stronger, fitter and more confident”

Hayley McQueen
Sky Sports Presenter

Francesca loves working with individuals who lead busy and demanding lifestyles helping to restore their vitality.

She has worked exclusively and travelled with clients to Saudi Arabia, New York, and Doha. Past and present clients include Royalty (Middle East), Richard Osman, Jason Manford, Shola Ama and Sky Sports Presenter Hayley McQueen. In her spare time, Francesca loves to train in the Brazilian Martial Arts Capoeira, do yoga, cook, and travel.

Francesca’s list of qualifications:

  • Transformational Breath Coach- currently in training Lv4- 2017
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Lv 2- 2016
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Lv 1- 2012
  • Be Activated Techniques (Douglas Heel) Lv 2- 2015
  • Be Activated Techniques (Douglas Heel) Lv 1- 2015
  • JING- Advanced Massage Techniques- 2015
  • Sacral- Abdominal Massage- 2013
  • Burrell Education Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage- 2012
  • Burrell Education Pregnancy & Post Natal Assessment & Exercise Prescription- 2011
  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training (Ashtanga, Vinyasa), Kerala, India- 2014
  • Reiki 1- 2013



  • The Fully Functional Gut Lv 1- 2012
  • Messages from within, Emotions and the Organs- 2016
  • Facial ‘Tells’ of Disease- 2016
  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science 2:1- 2004
  • Premier International Diploma Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy- 2000
  • WildFitness Coaches Training, Andalucia, Spain- 2013
  • IKFF, Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Lv1- 2011
  • ADPF- Angie Dowds Professional Fitness, Kettlebell Lv 1 & 2- 2007
  • OUTBOX Lv 1- 2007
  • 3rd Belt Capoeira- 2015